Travel To Thailand, Explore And Enjoy

Thailand is a perfect south Asian getaway with so many marvelous Islands and beaches under its belt; it has emerged as one of the most popular south Asian tourist destinations. Thailand is not only a hotspot but the gem in the Asian tourism Circuit. Thailand is exotic, Asian, tropical, embellished with luxury resort islands and Beaches with ancient Wats(Monasteries). To make it more irresistible, there is its lip smacking cuisine. Thailand takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the clich south Asian destinations and keeps you stuck to the ambiance until you decide to grow tired and perhaps even then, the startling Thailand will keep you held tightly.

Thailand is situated at the centre of Indochina Peninsula and Southeast Asia and is surrounded by Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It is also the third largest country in the entire Southeast Asia and one of the best tourist destinations in South East Asia. Thailand is a country veiled in mysticism and its serene beauty and chaotic metropolitan capital charms the backpackers. Kick start your Thailand Holiday Package with a restless stay in Bangkok where the restlessness and the hustle and bustle will amuse you. Bangkok is not just a city of flurry but is also home to numerous incredible sites. See the Wonderful Grand Palace in Bangkok situated in the old town.

In the city of Angels, there are many more sites to get enchanted by such the astounding Emerald Buddha, one very important Buddha Temple. The fanciful details that adorn its walls and the exteriors are an architectural marvel. The Chinatown undoubtedly a must visit area which is also the abode of The temple of Golden Buddha, Sampaeng Lane, Phahurat Market, Old Siam etc. Bangkok is an idyllic stay for shoppers and history lovers due to the several world class restaurants and historic sites it is home to and the designers labels’ outlets that are easily available there.

Thailand Tours are not only all about the bustling metropolis capital Bangkok, they are way beyond. Just a few hours from Bangkok is Ayutthaya, primarily a historical site. A World Heritage site, Ayutthaya houses the numinous ruins of the ancient city of the Ayutthaya Kingdom named after the Lord Rama’s kingdom Ayodhya. Capture the hauntingly radiant ruins of the Ayutthaya Historical Park which is the witness of massacre of the Siamese People by the Burmese Armies.

Now, change the course of your trip and focus on the scenic beauty and get on your trail to Mae Hong Son, the site of marvelous natural beauty. There the towering mountains and the quiet and calm surroundings will rejuvenate your soul and invigorate the spirits. Also try trekking the mountains in Mae Hong Son. For more of Natural Beauty, visit the tropical paradisiacal islands Koh Samui and Koh Phangan where the clear waters and the sun kissed beaches full of bluish shades to refresh you. The spectacular stream at Kanchanaburi is also a scintillating spot for rafters.

Make the most of your Thailand Travel Packages and take a dive down in the San Kamphaeng Hot springs. For some spirituality, visit Chiang Mei and do not forget to see the 007 classic site, the Floating Market. Before you bid sayonara, enjoy every moment of your Thailand Trip and go home with memories for a lifetime.

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