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Travel destinations can be preserved on your video collection forever, but having the proper gear at the right location is essential. A friend of mine went to Acapulco Mexico with his new camera and lens, he was there only a week but that was long enough for fungi to appear on the lens, witch was ruined. If he had known the climate was so humid he would of taken a hermetic cap to preserve his valuable instrument. Climates like these can rot the steel foundations of a building in a few years so imagine what it does to your delicate high precision equipment.

If your travel destination is to a cold climate with plenty of snow a shading lens that reduces the reflection of the sun on the snow will be a good idea. Caps on your microphones will be necessary if the place where you go is very windy, otherwise all you will pick up is the sound of the wind swooshing.

Some other things to consider is the objects you are going to be filming, do you want to capture the distant mountains and breathtaking scenery, or are in need for close ups to capture the full beauty of the Las Vegas dancers? For the first you will need wide shots so the natural spectacle can be appreciated. On the second example you will do much better with a powerful lens that can zoom in on your subjects.

Special locations require specific gear, many hikers like filming animals; a directional microphone might be a good idea along with a camcorder that has a powerful zoom (you can’t get too close to animals without startling them), even night view could be of good here.

In some countries like India, the monsoon season brings heavy rain; waterproof cases might save your camera from being completely soaked. Others like Africa are so dusty that if the electrical equipment is not covered or tightly wrapped sand will introduce into it and could make it useless.

Other travel destinations might present different challenges, from busses that jump uncontrollably to helicopters who offer great views of the land bellow but ruin any sound you want to capture. Prepare well and you will be able to enjoy your vacations all over once you have made the video and view it again. Choose the gear you need well, as the needs are different for every travel destination video.

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