Retiring Boomers Will Find More Advantages In Rocky Point Mexico

Everyday more people join the ranks of retirees living like royalty on tiny budgets in Mexico. Mexico is the preferred location for Americans living abroad. Twenty five percent of one million of the four million Americans living abroad live in Mexico and why not! You can trade in your suburban home in the U.S. for a seaside estate south of the border, live in elegance with beautiful expansive views in a relaxed lifestyle. In Mexico you can easily afford the help that makes this style of living easy.

By 2011 the first wave of baby boomers will retire, that’s approximately 78 million people. Most of these retirees can modestly retire in the U.S, or live amazingly better in Mexico. Currently there are 25,000 north Americans retiring each year. Rocky Point, Mexico is expected to be one of the leaders in Mexico’s growing retirement migration destinations.

One of the attributes that is credited for these numbers is that its relaxed and refreshing atmosphere is so close to the border. As investors consider what is important for them in retirement, the proximity to the border is important. Accessibility to an airport, ease of doing business, communication and infrastructure are also important considerations.

Because the number of retirees is soon to grow exponentially and many will be migrating south, a recent study was done to analyze the demands, travel habits and perception of Mexico as a tourist destination in Americans over 50. the study was conducted by the council for the promotion of tourist for mexico.

The list below is what was deduced, and is partly why so many savvy investors are looking here now.

1 the cost of living is lower

2 the weather is better, escaping cold climates

3 the economic and political climates are stable

4 healthcare is excellent and affordable

5 English is widely spoken

6 foreigners can own, buy and sell property

7 its close proximity to the U.S.

8 a mix of varying activities from passive to more vigorous

9 share differing cultures, people and art

10 beauty of surroundings

11 reliving previous satisfactory experiences

If anybody is even considering investing in a retirement community, home or destination, they just need to spend a little time here in Puerto Penasco to realize this is it. With beautiful beaches, sunsets and so much more visual candy, coupled with the lifestyle opportunities here, this little town is simply inspiring.

The research involved in making the most important decision for your retirement is so simple. Come to Puerto Penasco, take your shoes off and stroll on the beach at sunset. But then realistically spend a little more time here, talk to people who live here and enjoy your homework.

Author: Steve Schwab

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