Adventure Travel: Top River Rafting Expeditions In Peru

Peru, in South America, is a small country originally inhabited by Incas. Much of their history is told by the monuments, roads, and gardens the Incas left behind. Adventure travel is all about discovering these places but conquering them from the seat of a wild river raft, bouncing over the white water, the rocks, and sliding down one of the forces of nature. River rafting is an adventure, but in Peru it is so much more.

Rio Apurimac runs through one of the deepest canyons in the world. Rated as a class III-V whitewater, this river runs deep with challenges. Apurimac means �divinity talker� and this river has the ability to bring you closer to the divine. Originating in the Cordilleras Mountains, this river cut through the rock over several millennia, creating sights and natural formations unlike any in the world. The gorge the Apurimac runs though is one of the least explored in the world. It boasts waterfalls and spectacular scenery. It is so remote that you will feel like you are the only one in the world.

Measuring at 11,587 feet deep, the Cotahuasi River cannon is the deepest in the world. The river runs through one of the most pristine natural areas on earth, bombarding your senses with an overload of plants and animals that are scarce elsewhere. Coursing over 100 miles, with drops rated class IV and V, the Cotahuasi is one of the most gripping rivers to ride anywhere on earth. To take a break from the whitewater, stop off at a small Incan village with its own natural hot springs. Few places in the world offer this combination of travel, adventure, nature, and history.

Few people have ever traveled down Colca River Canyon. Its 10,725 foot depths is only accessible by raft or kayak. Starting at Condorama Crucero Alto in the Andes Mountains, the Colca River Canyon traverses several hundred miles over amazing river falls, through majestic rock walls, demanding whitewater, this river is not for the faint of heart. Included in the adventure is the possibility of spotting on of Peru’s infamous, giant Andean condors. Riding this river is seeing one of the most spectacular spots anywhere.

From the sporting river rafter to the hard-core adventurer, Peru offers a trip like no place else. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip of a lifetime. And do not forget your camera, without it your friends may not believe what you have seen.

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