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Argentina is located in South America and is a popular tourist destination. The official language of Argentina is Spanish. The main tourist attraction here is the capital city Buenos Aires, a center of culture and commerce. It is one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world and a shoppers? paradise.According to the official information, last year 4 542 996 foreign tourists visited Argentina and everyone of them spent there on average 918 dollars. The majority of tourists come from Chile, Brazil, the USA and Spain. European tourists spend here more money – on average 1 647 dollars. Mayer told that the authorities of the country hope to keep and even to exceed the level achieved in 2007.Argentina is a popular destination, but it’s important to note on any vacation that there can be cultural, geological and meteoroligical differences when travelling abroad that could potentially ruin your entire trip. While in some places the differences can be minor, in others you could deeply offend a person by doing something you thought to be kosher. Don’t let this happen to you, below are what I believe to be the top 7 Argentina travel tips.

Medical tourism packages presented by websites such as cater to Americans and Europeans offering first-class medical treatments that are combine with the benefits of exotic tourism. Surgical procedures and treatments and Argentina caused 50 to 70% less than they do in the United States and throughout Europe. Such savings does not mean lack of quality, because surgeons in Argentina are world-class and board-certified. As a matter of fact, Argentina has some of the most technically advanced state-of-the-art equipment in the world.Argentina offers one of the most preferred affordable plastic surgery in the world. In 2006, Buenos Aires hosted an international symposium on “21st-century plastic surgery”. On the agenda were workshops on third-generation ultrasonic liposuction and periorbital (around the eyes) rejuvenation. Argentinian plastic surgeons have good reason to be so skilled: domestic demand for breast implants, laser surgery and nip-and-tuck treatments is sky high in this style-obsessed country. Medical tourism agencies like offers clinics that have advanced and state of the art medical facilities and equipments and caters only the most experienced and credentialed plastic surgeons for its patients.

Hospitals that participate in medical tourism usually reserve the highest quality of care and best physicians for international patients. As for Argentina, only clinics and hospitals approved by the Joint Commission International (JCI) are allowed to provide plastic surgery in Argentina for foreign patients. This is to ensure the wellness and quality of health care of foreign patients that visits the country for medical reasons. In terms of plastic surgery cost, many patients travel to South or Central American countries such as Brazil, Argentina or Costa Rica for cosmetic procedures, where it is cost effective to travel and cosmetic surgery is advanced.The official language of this place is Spanish and is spoken by almost everyone living at this place. Argentina is highly urbanized by its ten largest metropolitan areas for example; Buenos Aries is a city where about 3 million people live whereas, the greater Buenos Aries is a metropolitan area which comprises for about 12.8 million people. The flora and fauna in Argentina is eye catching with wonderful species.

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