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Kenya is an African country that is revered by anthropologists and is considered as the cradle of civilization or humanity. The wilderness in Kenya comes with hidden dangers. For the adventurous at heart, Kenya presents the perfect opportunity with its magnificent wildlife reserves, pristine beaches, mighty mountains, thriving coral reefs, and the attraction of ancient Swahili culture. One of the biggest events here is not a human event but it is the migration of wildebeest, which takes place each year from Masaai Mara to the lush plains of Serengeti. Off late, Kenya has also become a popular golf destination and of course the Big 6 cats will always be the most alluring factor for a holiday here.

Why Volunteer In Kenya

Volunteering in Kenya is like being surrounded by some of the best that nature has to offer. In spite of active tourism, Kenya is not an economically stable country and lacks strong infrastructure. As a volunteer in Kenya, you will be able to contribute to its economical growth and at the same time get to understand their cultural behavior, language and needs. Some of the important areas that require volunteers include health sector like hospitals and clinics, education sector like schools, sports, orphanages etc.

Types Of Projects Available

As a part of volunteering in Kenya, you will get to choose the kind of project you are interested in. The different types if projects available include:

� Coaching Soccer: Soccer has become an important sport over the years and the Kenyan team has also made it to the FIFA world cup. As a volunteer in Kenya, you can use your skills and knowledge of soccer to impart training to the local players and in schools. There are some soccer volunteer programs in Nakuru. All you need is a love for the sport and some basic knowledge of playing the game.

� Working with orphans: It is not easy to work with orphans because they have never known how to live their life in a proper manner. As a volunteer in Kenya, you will get to work with orphanages where you can impart education, and offer proper guidance to the children so that they can follow the right path.

� Women’s Education: Women’s education is an important aspect that has not received the status it deserves in Kenya. The literacy rate in women in Kenya is quite low and as a volunteer, you will assist in increasing the literacy rate by providing proper education.

� HIV/AIDS Awareness Project: One of the major and concerning problems is that of the high AIDS/HIV population in Kenya. The high number of AIDS cases registered show that it has been caused due to lack of awareness and education. Illiteracy and poverty are two major factors that come in the way. You can make the rural population be more aware of this dreaded disease and how to take precautions so that the spread of AIDS can be restricted.

� Teaching English: English as we all know has become a global language but more than that there is a high demand for English teachers in Kenya. As a volunteer teaching English, you will be associated with schools that can’t afford proper teachers and don’t have the necessary infrastructure.

� Humanitarian Aid: Most humanitarian projects deal with a number of issues from helping street children to handling conservation responsibilities. As a part of the projects, you will get to work with underprivileged children, orphans, old aged people, famine stricken people, and also with wildlife and in forest reserves.

Volunteer Requirements

Age: The minimum age for volunteering in Kenya should be 18 or older.
Duration: The standard duration of most projects is 5-8 weeks although they can also vary from 1-2 weeks or 9-12 weeks. There are some projects that can vary from 6-9 months.

Language: English

Fee and Other details

There is a fee attached to each of the projects that you volunteer for. The fee is charged in advance and is charged for the following:

1. Accommodation

2. Emergency evacuation services

3. Food/meals

4. Travel insurance

5. Transportation within the region

6. Emergency support

7. All types of training material

8. Supervision by local staff

9. Orientation on arrival

10. Local sightseeing & recreational activities

Volunteering in Kenya is a wholesome experience because you will get to make a contribution that will help the people of Kenya and the children who are the future and you will derive tremendous satisfaction from your work.

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